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Why Choose LED Lights

Extraordinary Lifespan!

Lumiden lamps last up to 20 times longer than halogen lamps and up to 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps. The manufacture of un-economical incandescent lamps will also be banned, in the EU, from 2009.

Specially designed for transport applications

Lumiden lamps are a solid state technology (SST) and as such are not affected by vibration, shock or extremes of temperature. Lumiden lamps do not have any breakable filaments, flickering or buzzing that some halogen and fluorescent lamps have.

Extremely low current consumption

Lumiden lamps offer energy savings of up to 90% in comparison to traditional transport lighting. Only approximately 5% of the energy consumed generates heat whilst the rest generates light. This also means that KJ-LED lamps are cool in operation and are safe to touch.

Environmental-Friendly issues

Unlike most fluorescent lamps, Lumiden lamps are RoHS complaint and do not contain any mercury, lead or cadmium. As such there are no expensive re-cycling costs associated with KJ-LED lamps.

Advantages of Lumiden

Lumiden lamps are made using the latest “state of the art” technology, design techniques and highest quality selected base components. Lumiden lamps are CE marked for top quality and warranty. Lumiden will probably have the widest range of Ultra Slim recessed and surface mounted LED Interior Lamps available for transport applications in the British Isles.

Working together with fleet operators, electrical specialists, professional vehicle builders and our manufacturing partners we are continuously bringing new High Performance LED lighting solutions to the OE transport market. Lumiden LED Lamps are of extremely high quality offering superb long term performance whilst being extremely good value for money!

The only way to fully realise the high brightness, functionality and performance our LED lamps offer is to witness a brief live demonstration which can be organised on request.

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